Being a Marketer is Like Being a Parent

The approach you have towards marketing determines your success in business. With most companies in Bangladesh, and the whole world, are taking the only platform to market their goods and services, the competition will stiffen. Better strategies will keep you a step forward.

Parents are always careful and want the best for their kids. On the other hand, kids try out everything without a second thought, they are curious, and above all, they destroy stuff.

As a marketer, you are a parent of the whole marketing process. Therefore, you have to look for the best marketing strategies. A well-established SEO service agency helps you to balance the creative and the analytical part of your ideas.

Try the following practices:

Bench Marking

Parents like seeing their kids develop, or at least note the points of weakness so that they can improve. When you are a marketer, you need to be result-oriented. You then can compare your results to industrial standards and your objectives. Again, you must be able to draw lessons from the marketing campaign you did.

Most importantly, knowing what your competitor is doing, getting higher traffic on their sites in case of inbound marketing is very important. Google analytics tools can be necessary.

Be Curious

Curiosity leads to discovering new stuff. Kids are always interested to know more. You and your marketing team need to ahead of your customers and competitors. The best way to approach this is by understanding the goals and objectives of your company. Then try to answer the “why” and the “how” of the operation.

Within no time, you’ll be rich in information. Sadly, your customers do not have such knowledge. You can share with them through developing videos, blog posts, as well as eBooks. That way, you’ll be answering the majority of questions your customers will be having.


When you reward your kids, they feel special. It can encourage them on the right side of things. Your customers are like your kids. You can think of the right promotional gift, offer free resources on the website, VIP events, or even simple recognition. Doing such small things to your customer sets your brand apart from others. Customers will think of your services and products when it is time to buy.

Tell the Truth

The parent needs to teach children to tell the truth. You also should tell the truth. As a marketer, speak the truth about your brand. If by any chance, there are scary points or controversies surrounding the industry, you must be bold enough to start that conversation and engage the customers.

Again, use the right technique of marketing. For instance, some companies may use blackhat SEO tactics to get visibility. This works, but it may come with serious repercussions. The right SEO Company in Bangladesh helps you tell the truth.

Try Out New Things

There is always a fear of failure. Think like a baby; when ideas flow out of your mouth, share them with your marketing team. Such an attitude, you will have a constant flow of greet marketing ideas and gain trust from your customers.

Final Verdict

As a parent, you are always engaging your kid on a day to day basis. Similarly, a marketer does the same with the marketing strategies. If you want to meet your short term as well long term objectives as a market, you have to be in close contact with the policy you lay down.

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