Mothering The Mother

As this year has unfolded, I have suddenly and surprisingly become a pro-woman fanatic. A “Spiritual Feminist,” as I would call it.

I never thought that I would be the kind of woman that lives and breathes “women stuff,” but I AM SO that woman. And I am so alive and fulfilled, I knock my own socks off. I now have this empowering purpose that has infused my life with a new and outrageously powerful mission. It’s amazing.

My understanding of women has completely and totally changed, and my life will never be the same. I’m still all about men and I can actually recognize their strengths and abilities now more than ever. But I see women in a brand-new light. It’s like I’ve discovered a whole new species and I’m seeing and studying this creature for the very first time. I am in such awe.

Woman’s Emotions Are an Asset

I’m in awe because I grew up being taught that women were weak things that were too emotional that talked too much and worried too much. I thought these female traits put me at risk of being “ridiculous” and making a big deal out of nothing. Basically, I thought that my inherent qualities held be back.

Womanly Traits Are Strengths

Today? Oh-ho-ho! Today, I see that a woman’s emotions, intuition, foresight, and verbal abilities are sources of incredible wisdom and powerful strength. These feminine qualities are the ingredients needed for the recipes of balance, harmony, understanding, and peace. A world of men and women empty of these vital feminine attributes is a world of imbalance, chaos, disruption, and war.

The Strongest Hearts Are Feeling Hearts

The world needs the divine feminine. It’s time that society allowed men to open their hearts, and feel, and express themselves. It’s time that society acknowledged how fuc*ing strong and intelligent the world’s nurturing, feeling, and intuitive women really are.

I’m now on a mission to wake up the world to the power of women and the feminine. As the months have passed, I’ve discovered some amazing groups and businesses being run by fellow badass Spiritual Feminists. Enter Sarah and Nova of Honey and Sage Co.

These ladies are preaching the holiness of Self-Care. As mothers, partners, and business owners (and regular menstruators), they know that women are in need of A LOT of love. Their vision is to help women treat themselves with essentials that soothe hormones as well as the soul.

They’ve created their monthly Sage Woman box to get mothers to mother themselves. Goodies, herbs, and gifts that speak straight to the woman’s body and soul. They even put a little magic into monthly cycles with their tea and oil for menstruation. They even have herbal goodies for pregnancy and postpartum care. I love this box so much because pregnancy and postpartum care do NOT get the attention they deserve. New mothers in the modern world don’t get half the support and pampering that they need, and I have no doubt that this is the leading cause of Postpartum Depression (it sure was for me). Giving women love and an opportunity to pamper themselves is such a gift to their well-being. I just can’t praise the ideas of women’s subscription boxes enough.


So, thank you Honey And Sage Co! And thank you to all your other businesses and women who are making this world a better place for each and every being that’s on it. The world needs you! Keep on keeping’ on!

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