Stress My Dramatic And Unnecessary Response To Everyday Life

So, I’ve been a bit on edge the last two weeks. Whenever I’m home I’m carrying around a needy, clingy, whiny, and feisty baby. Thanks to teething, I’m unable to recognize my child. Had a little line of porcelain not exposed itself through his gums I would have called a priest to perform an exorcism. Yeah! It’s been FUN…

It’s interesting because we take this boy to his grandparents and he’ll keep busy playing with his cousin and having fun, but as soon as he sees I’ve walked through the door he’s back to being the needy, kick-y demon baby. Babies will obviously be more attached to the parents though, so I didn’t think too much of it. Then I saw something that completely shifted this frame of thinking…

I was getting ready to head out for the day and the baby had just woken up. My son heard him so he came running into the room to say good morning. That little boy of mine was whining as I had set him down to get dressed, but as soon as brother came up to him on the bed he was all smiling. I stopped for a moment and watched as that baby smiled ear to ear and did his insanely cute giggles with his tongue sticking out. How could this boy go from whiny to happy so quickly? Weren’t his teeth giving him pain?

That’s when it hit me; it was ME. I hadn’t been giving him attention anything like a brother. Instead of enjoying my time with that little guy, I was doing what I could to get through the minutes. Why hadn’t I tried making him laugh? Why didn’t I do something fun? It’s no wonder this baby was so prissy with me. I was boring, uptight, and stressed out. As a matter of fact, I’m totally confused as to why I was hanging out with myself!

Now I’ve started making the effort to enjoy my baby boy, and things have completely changed. He’s gone from grumpy and feisty to happy and adorable. Yes, we still have our moments (and PLENTY of them), but it’s okay now. When things get tense, I do something to break the tension like make a funny face, tickle him, or find something loud or shiny to play with (got to love baby attention spans). Life is so much easier now.

Just another example of how our mindset influences, and even creates, our reality. Now I’ll attempt to keep this insight on the back burner of my mind so that I can step outside the usual “poor me/it’s just so hard/I’m doing what I can” mentality. Considering how unpleasant that mind frame is, it shouldn’t be too hard to walk away from it.

There’s no time like the present. So, get out there and enjoy it!!!

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