SodaStream a Healthy Alternative to Soda

Is SodaStream a Healthy Alternative to Soda?

There is every reason to justify that Sodastream is a better alternative to ordinary soda. Majorly, they say it contains regular sugar, which is deemed healthier than the high fructose corn syrup used in ordinary soda.

But what is more fascinating about this soda is that you can make it home. With the best carbonation machine, you’ll brew soda as per your liking.

SodaStream has a lower calorie in total, but some brands have none at all. The calories are due to the addition of an artificial sweetener called sucralose. Also, some may contain some food chemicals and preservatives. The food chemicals are from the flavors if you use artificial flavors.

If you continually consume the SodaStream for a long time, you might get the side effect of taking standard soda.

Homemade SodaStream

Homemade SodaStream can be the best alternative for those who want to lose weight or reduce the intake of sugar. But this time around, you have to skip some of the key ingredients that make ordinary soda. Eliminate those not good for your health.

Making SodaStream is a simple just adding carbon dioxide to water, and a little salt to taste or a natural flavor of your choice. That will taste awful, primarily if you are used to the sweetness of ordinary soda.

Sugar, artificial flavors, and dye can make your homemade sparkling water tasty. But these are the substances that will make you gain weight. So, instead of using them, get a little creative and make a healthy soda.

In the current world, anything organic trends. Though expensive, it is the only way to inject health drinks into your system. Additionally, adding natural additives into your SodaStream boosts different aspects of your health.

One such addition is adding fresh ginger syrup into your SodaStream. That turns the sparkling water into ginger ale. If you have access to lemon, you can also add to create a potent lemonade drink.

Some people have added more than one plant extract to create powerful, effect, and healthy drink. For instance, strawberry, lemon, and SodaStream is one tangible way to lose weight. The same can be done using lemon to make lemonade.

There is numerous combination to make. Online, you can find a myriad of recipes to guide you. There are a number of cookbooks on the internet that can guide you on how to make the best soda syrups at home for your personal use.

If you can completely eliminate sugar from your homemade soda, then you might be safe. You can find alternatives by using natural flavors instead of artificial additives. You can start avoiding taking the artificial additives by personalizing the options of ingredients you use.

Above all, you need to by the best SodaStream model. Such a model will work efficiently in the process of the creation of a perfect soda.

Final Verdict

Sodastream doesn’t seem as complicated as it sounds. You can have carbonated water, and you add a little lemon. That is enough homemade soda. Just ensure you have the right amount of carbonation, and you can only achieve that with the best carbonation machine.

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